THE AVAILABILITY TO COMPARE WITH THE HORRIBLE – Louise Glück, insight a severe poetic lyricism.

Writing around the difficult and the painful

It was create in the 1930s, during the prohibition period, using many alcoholic components, but with the addition of coca-cola, to make it look like a cold tea. Its final smell appearance resembles that of lemon tea. Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail based on vodka, gin, white rum and triple sec. Long Island awaits you just a few minutes from New York, a place that in the 19th century was the ideal refuge for artists and poets, a place where time seems to stand still and where the poet Louise Glück grew up.

Born in an April day in New York, she grew up on Long Island, suffering from anorexia during adolescence. In 2014, he won the National Book Award for poetry. Louise Glück teaches poetry at Yale University. During her career, she has published many poetic anthologies, winning a Pulitzer Prize for poetry. While not graduating, she trained under the supervision of Leonie Adams.

By reading her works, yop can discover verses starved of adjectives. Her early books feature personae grappling with failed love affairs and existential despair. Considered by many to be one of America’s most talented contemporary poets, Louise Glück is know for her poetry’s insight into loneliness, family relationships and death.

THE MYTH OF INNOCENCE – One summer she goes into the field as usual, stopping for a bit at the pool where she often looks at herself, to see if she detects any changes. She sees the same person, the horrible mantle of daughterliness still clinging to her. The sun seems, in the water, very close. That is my uncle spying again, she thinks, everything in nature is in some way her relative. I am never alone, she thinks, turning the thought into a prayer. Then death appears, like the answer to a prayer. No one understands anymore how beautiful he was. But Persephone remembers. Also that he embraced her, right there, with her uncle watching. She remembers sunlight flashing on his bare arms. This is the last moment she remembers clearly. Then the dark god bore her away. She also remembers, less clearly, the chilling insight that from this moment she could not live without him again. The girl who disappears from the pool will never return. A woman will return, looking for the girl she was. She stands by the pool saying, from time to time, I was abducted, but it sounds, wrong to her, nothing like what she felt. Then she says, I was not abducted. Then she says, I offered myself, I wanted to escape my body. Even, sometimes, I willed this. But ignorance cannot will knowledge. Ignorance wills something imagined which it believes exists. All the different nouns, she says them in rotation. Death, husband, god, stranger. Everything sounds so simple, so conventional. I must have been, she thinks, a simple girl. She can’t remember herself as that person, but she keeps thinking the pool will remember and explain to her the meaning of her prayer so she can understand, whether it was answered or not.

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