A POET AND HER WORLD – Shamim Azad, between education and entertainment

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There are people who, in search of hidden poems, dedicate their time to an extremely original activity, simply by using colorful words and markers. The found poetry http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/found-poems-parallel-poems-33.html always comes from something that is written somewhere, such as the page of a book or newspaper. Try it too, highlighting with a marker the words that attract you, so you will compose a written collage from which to erase the words that come out of the poetic texture. Shamim Azad creates poems differently, drawing on oral traditions and popular traditions.

She is one of the best know Bengali poets in England. Her novels and stories include Shirno Shuktara, Shamim Azad Golpo Sonkolon and A Vocal Chorus. She lives in Wanstead (Redbridge, London). Her residencies have included, Sunderland City Library and Arts Centre, Poetry Society, and Apples and Snakes. Conferred by the Bangla Academy, in 2016 she was award “Syed Waliullah Literature Award”. Shamim Azad https://www.exiledwriters.co.uk/portfolio-items/shamim-azad/ has performed at venues including Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Battersea Arts Centre.

Her poetry books include Sporsher Opekkha, Jiol Jokhom and Jonmandho Jupiter. She has been included in various anthologies, including British South Asian Poetry and Mother Tongues. In both English and Bengali, Shamim Azad https://www.thedailystar.net/literature/the-poet-and-her-world-1341367 has published 35 books, including novels, essays and poems. She wrote two plays, has worked with composers, playwrights, choreographers and visual artists. Such as a tree, she support peoples to bloom inside themselves. She has gathered innovative ways to share her thoughts with the community.

Her sincere interest to work for the Bengali sets her apart among her peers. Shamim Azad https://www.worldcat.org/title/majestic-nights-love-poems-of-bengali-women/oclc/182529187 was born into a November day in Mymensingh (Dhaka, Bangladesh), where her father worked. She enrolled in Dhaka University and gained an Honours degree in 1972 and a master’s degree in 1973. Her performance fuses the lines between educations, ranging from Bangladeshi to European folktales. Her workshops are rooted in Asian oral traditions and heritage folk. In 1990, she had transfer to England.

By Walking towards the tired road of the Earth – My taste of laugh ended to the nearest. Available turns of rivers of myths tearing apart the blanket of mist of the jealous woods. I startled and tripped on Autumn Crocus of Anguish. There I went-in there. My crushed soul went, but no new tears of surprise dropped over my freshly grown Viyella of hope. Walking by the fatigued road of the Earth, thought-dust covered my thin shaky hanged arms. Quiet marks of sleepless nights got filled with cups of opium, transforming my mental ceramics into a sparkly tinsel stream. Brushing past through the passive grass, my breath was coming back to inhale the lovely smell, lurking out of my newly wedded book, restoring complete insanity to acquire the evaporated taste of this enduring journey again

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