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SCATTERED CREATIVE PEARLS, INTO A FOREST OF REEDS – Five ways to get to know Bangladesh

There is no village without a river, nor a stream and a poet, or popular minstrel Time flows, as do people is lives, like the flow of water in a river. Expressing the perceptions of a community based on experiences in society life, proverbs reveal a common truth. Those sayings walk along orally through the generations, eventually becoming proverbs. In …

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CAPTURING LIFE AND STRUGGLE OF GARMENT WORKERS – Taslima Akhter and the ability to say what is often overlooked in events

The story of a disturbing photo, inside a tragedy How to stimulate your creativity and photographic inspiration First, you will have to break some habit related to your way of perceiving the environment around you. Try waking up a little earlier than usual, so you can for example discover the magic of colors that only the light of dawn …

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WHEN MODERN TAKE ON THE CLASSIC SILHOUETTES – Asma Sultana: The alluring, captivating and very intriguing Bangladeshi fashion designer

To perfectly accentuate a woman’s body A happy marriage between art and fashion, a balance of good taste and sartorial construction, highlights beauty through splendid clothes. The sense of good taste can create clothes through continuous experimental tailoring, in which the costume designer evolves perpetually, to follow the needs of his market segment. Its six basic tools are a …

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A POET AND HER WORLD – Shamim Azad, between education and entertainment

Believe in sharing knowledge and wisdom There are people who, in search of hidden poems, dedicate their time to an extremely original activity, simply by using colorful words and markers. The found poetry always comes from something that is written somewhere, such as the page of a book or newspaper. Try it too, highlighting with a marker the words …

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When blend of feminism, religion and revolution tell you about God The images aroused by listening to a piece of music are impalpable, just like those of dreams There is a musical psychotherapeutic technique based on the activation of personal representative functions. By stimulating mental functions, neurotic conflict stimulates creative production. This is what happens the deep and powerful …

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