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THE WINE HAS FROZEN IN THE BARRELS – The last row / Page by the novel

………………………………… A shiny coat of shiny dust had covered everything, shivers of cold spread throughout this body while his breath froze in front of him. For at least two centuries the winters had become increasingly severe four, four men on horseback and two mules loaded up to capacity were crossing the still frozen Rubicon, which, as in previous winters, had ...

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THEY HAD MET FIVE YEARS EARLIER – Waiting for Austerlitz / Page by the novel

……………………………… They had met five years earlier by chance, when a customer improbable surname French had made a reservation the Internet for a five day stay at a nearby location in Brno, in the period between the end of November and early December. In that area, there was a place called Pozorice, the old Posoritz, where in an old coaching ...

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CONTEMPORARY INDIAN LITERATURE – The pleasure can not wait, to Tishani Doshi novel

A strange family, a pleasant story of a family “out of line”, in the throes of love, death and indissoluble family ties. Stories told with simplicity and tenderness. It all began when Babo was the first member of the Patel family to leave Madras, flying to London to further his education. Leafing through the pages of the novel, you find ...

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ALPHABET SOUP FOR LOVERS – Romance, by Anita Nair

Strange is that this novel – with short chapters and an external point of view – tells the daily life of a married couple, but the main theme is not what you might have imagined. Everything revolves around the Indian cuisine, along with its ingredients. Lena and a “him”, have been married for fifteen years, even though she is not ...

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INDIAN CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE – The Unwaba Revelations, novel by Samit Basu

Samit Basu is the author of The Simoqin Prophecies, The Manticore’s Secret and The Unwaba Revelations, the three parts of The GameWorld Trilogy. Born 14 December 1979 in a Bengali Hindu family, Basu grew up in Calcutta. In 2007, Basu was declared one of India’s most promising ‘Emerging Indians’. Basu is a columnist, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist writing ...

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