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WORDS OF SILENCE: Poetry, by Dastilige Nevante

WORDS OF SILENCE In the purity of what is beside you, sometimes wear a simple apron. They have skilled hands to touch the clouds, stroking stunned harmony of each denser meaning. When you speak the silence are covered with intimacy and listen with amazement of fellowship. Still, in the silence, someone says something. Still, with silence, someone wraps you up ...

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TOUCHING MANSUETO: Poetry, by Dastilige Nevante

TOUCHING MANSUETO Docile is the surrender to light touch of the fingers, when sweet eyes mild surrounds Your mildness. (Dastilige Nevante)

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THE HOME INVISIBLE: Go where you can find happiness

IN THE HOME INVISIBLE             “Go where you can find happiness, wherever this place: forest or village, there is the wise home and native place. Go where there is life, do not stayhome to die to self-control. ” (Jataka – Stories of previous lives of the Buddha). You must have traveled, to want to go ...

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HEART IS NOT MIND: Net circumcisions on my wrists tired

Net circumcisions on my wrists tired work still your member with strong suctions love. Move my hands and hold me bully. Breasts dried slow agonizing.   Wild males covered with diamonds, love you all and sundry. The bed is playful Heart and do not mind. Frida

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DARK EYE: Poetry by Frida

DARK EYE       Dark eye,  injected dust adamantine.  Reflection to flee away,  the shade of a few words thrown to the wind … Invoking the intimate mood my  his approach with ease  so vibrant notes persuasive  I hide in the contemplation of his presence … (Frida)  

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