WHERE PEOPLE’S SELF-EXPRESSION KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES – Between Saga and Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, with the taste of maple leaves fried in the mouth

Between history, religion, museums and its creative living souls

Japan is https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e623.html a country that arouses admiration from people who are attracted by culture and a tradition that is not composed only of samurai or cartoons. When you arrive you will not be able to do everything, but some possibilities on the activities to do can be inspired by five creative Japanese who will guide you to the places where their artistic character was born and flourished. Welcome to our Japanese author’s journey.

This part of Japan is famous for its ornate ceramic ware. Dainty Saga Prefecture is a on the island of Kyushu, known for its capital city which is also called Saga. Its Yoshinogari Park is one of the main archeological wonders, where you will find settlements from the Yayoi Period (from 300 BC to 300 AD). This land is know for its delicious Saga beef, which is usually grilled to preserve the flavor and texture of the meat. Following trend of his era, under this sky was born the painter Okada Saburōsuke.

Among his students, was the great landscape artist and print designer Kawase Hasui. Under his brush, women were portrayed with warm skin textures, elegant features, and delicate traits. He attended a school that taught western-style painting. He become a famous painter and a Professor at the Tōkyō School of Fine Arts. Precursor of the Tokyo University of the Arts, Okada Saburōsuke https://www.amazon.it/Kimono-History-Terry-Satsuki-Milhaupt/dp/1780232780 was born in Saga into a January day 1869.

Its record stores thrive, together tiny niche bars dedicated to obscure genres. Tower Records https://tower.jp/store/Shibuya, gigantic store in Shibuya, is one of the biggest CD retailers in the world. For music lovers to Tokyo, pop music dominates with AKB48 and Utada Hikaru (among the most famous city artists). In Ebisu, Tower Records, Liquidroom https://www.liquidroom.net/ is the place to catch a gig in Tokyo. Maybe you will find a Haruomi Hosono live concert.

His focus as a label is archival work. In 2019, he released Hochono House, an album of songs from his 1973 solo debut. Apart from his electronic work with his bandmates, he remained active composing soundtracks and returning to acoustic pop with many albums. He launched his solo career with the soft pop of 1973’s Hosono House. Born in Tokyo in 1947, Haruomi Hosono https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qv9ne3/haruomi-hosono-guide-playlists-essay studied sociology, forming several bands while still in school.

Here you will admire the most beautiful gardens in Japan. Moving around its streets, you will find a mix of places to eat (from haute cuisine to hole-in-the-wall dumplings). Make the most of your trip to Kyoto, entering a Ryokan, traditional Japanese inns, a quintessential Kyoto experience. If you need some alone time, try a Kyoto track itineraries, where start to read a Risa Wataya novel.

Her short novel Kereta senaka won a prize, soldering more than a million copies. Risa Wataya https://seitekishoudo.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/the-back-i-want-to-kick/, born into a February 1984 is a novelist from Kyoto. She also worked several jobs in Kyoto, including selling clothes in a department store and serving as a hotel waiter. In 2010, her novel Tremble All You Want became a best-seller in Japan, and its film adaptation premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

A walk along the road to the Minoo National Park is an easy way to escape the suburban sprawl. Do not pass up an opportunity, because you too can eat one of its fried maple leaf sold by vendors on the side of the road. From world famous cuisine to historic castles, you will have a great time in Osaka https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2157.html. Probably, in memory of your trip to Osaka, you will want to buy something to wear. Try browsing the online catalog by Michiko Koshino, a creative woman born under this sky.

Her focus in the 2000s has been on three lines: Main Collection, Yen Jeans, and her 100’s line. She was born in Osaka in 1950, becoming a fashion designer with high-end stores in Japan and London. In 1974, she graduated from a college of design. To pursue her career as a fashion designer, upon graduating Michiko Koshino https://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/designers/michiko-koshino/ moved to London. In regards to club wear, her name is first in the consumers mind.

Most of the museum is located underground, but it is easy to find due to its dramatic and very distinctive architecture. The National Museum of Art Osaka https://www.osakastation.com/the-national-museum-of-art-osaka/, is a museum housing a major art collection on the island of Nakanoshima (central Osaka). Here, you will explore new trends in domestic and international art. Try searching for the section dedicated to Daidō Moriyama, a photographer who always breathes the air of this city.

His first major series was incorporated into photobook Japan: A Photo Theatre in 1968. His collections of photographs portray vivid physical sensibility. He began to produce his own collection of photographs about the forgotten areas and darker side of cities. Born in 1938 in Osaka (where he studied photography before moving to Tokyo), Daido Moriyama https://www.moriyamadaido.com/en/ worked as an assistant to a Japanese photographer and filmmaker. In the 1970s, he was plagued by personal problems, only regaining creativity in the early 1980s.

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