A PIONEERING INFLUENCE ON MANY TYPES OF MUSIC – Haruomi Hosono: As he says, he never tried to be a pioneer

Shaping the sound of Japanese pop

Its record stores thrive, together tiny niche bars dedicated to obscure genres. Tower Records https://tower.jp/store/Shibuya, gigantic store in Shibuya, is one of the biggest CD retailers in the world. For music lovers to Tokyo, pop music dominates with AKB48 and Utada Hikaru (among the most famous city artists). In Ebisu, Liquidroom https://www.liquidroom.net/ is the place to catch a gig in Tokyo. Maybe you will find a Haruomi Hosono live concert.

His focus as a label is archival work. In 2019, he released Hochono House, an album of songs from his 1973 solo debut. Apart from his electronic work with his bandmates, he remained active composing soundtracks and returning to acoustic pop with many albums. He launched his solo career with the soft pop of 1973’s Hosono House. Born in Tokyo in 1947, Haruomi Hosono https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qv9ne3/haruomi-hosono-guide-playlists-essay studied sociology, forming several bands while still in school.

He is deep into what he call the Japan Archival Series. He inspired city-pop and Shibuya-kei genres. Considered one of the most influential musicians in Japanese pop music history, Haruomi Hosono https://frieze.com/article/unparalleled-innovation-musician-haruomi-hosono is a singer, songwriter and record producer. As leader of Yellow Magic Orchestra, he contributed to the development and pioneering of numerous electronic genres.

During much of the ’90s, he was at the forefront of the ambient electronic music scene. He is the grandson of the only survivor Japanese passenger of the sinking of RMS Titanic. Harouomi Hosono http://hosonoharuomi.jp/ become the first domestic artist to integrate successfully his language into a Western rock music idiom. In 1977, he invited two musicians to work on his exotica-flavoured album Paraiso, which included electronic music produced using polyphonic synthesizer.

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