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WHERE PEOPLE’S SELF-EXPRESSION KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES – Between Saga and Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, with the taste of maple leaves fried in the mouth

Between history, religion, museums and its creative living souls Japan is https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e623.html a country that arouses admiration from people who are attracted by culture and a tradition that is not composed only of samurai or cartoons. When you arrive you will not be able to do everything, but some possibilities on the activities to do can be inspired by five …

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REALISTIC NUDES IN SLIGHTLY IMPRESSIONIST MANNER – Okada Saburōsuke: Following the trend of the era, he studied Western style painting

Western style painting and steel plate printmaking techniques This part of Japan is famous for its ornate ceramic ware. Dainty Saga Prefecture is a on the island of Kyushu, known for its capital city which is also called Saga. Its Yoshinogari Park is one of the main archeological wonders, where you will find settlements from the Yayoi Period (from 300 …

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