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WORKING TRANSPARENCIES, CONTRASTS AND TEXTURES – Ricardo Migliorisi: The impulse to come out as a transgressor

Show innovator, psychedelic and delirious style

The psychology of art it is dedicated to the study of the phenomenons of artistic appreciation from a psychological perspective. You are looking for creative therapy? Paint, because art, in all of its expressions, frees a person’s subjectivity. During you Paraguayan trip, in Asunción you can meet the painting free expression of a innovator by psychedelic and delirious style, Ricardo Migliorisi.

His liking for art were manifested at a young age, maturing the soul of the artist. He showed his work in many countries, including The United States of America and Europe. Born in Asunción (Paraguay) on a January day 1948, Ricardo Migliorisi was a painter, costume designer and architect. His first artistic expressions born up when he was eighteen years old. His iconography draws on the media and kitsch, mythology and childhood.

In the beginning he used drawing and painting, but later included different other types of elements to his creations. When young, Ricardo Migliorisi studied Plastic Arts, giving free hand to their creativity. In the following years of his formation as an artist, he gained much experience in many Latin-American countries, working as scenery designer.

His works are infused with an attempt to depict the absurdity of the new rich class of beautiful, under the dictatorship society. He was a member of the group called “The Novísimos”. Into a time marked by the emerging novelty in the field of Modernism, Ricardo Migliorisi appears in the Paraguayan artistic society in the mid ‘60s, having numerous opportunities to show his work.

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