WORKING TRANSPARENCIES, CONTRASTS AND TEXTURES – Ricardo Migliorisi: The impulse to come out as a transgressor

Show innovator, psychedelic and delirious style The psychology of art it is dedicated to the study of the phenomenons of artistic appreciation from a psychological perspective. You are looking for creative therapy? Paint, because art, in all of its expressions, frees a person’s subjectivity. During you Paraguayan trip, in Asunción https://roadsandkingdoms.com/2019/know-before-you-go-to-asuncion-paraguay/ you can meet the painting free expression of a …

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WHERE, SOMETIMES, GOING BACKWARD IT’S MOVING FORWARD – Travel Paraguay, where your memory remembers words, without forgets what is behind them.

Travelling where man with good memory remembers nothing, because he forgets nothing. After our trip to Argentina, http://meetingbenches.com/2019/02/big-country-with-a-lot-of-talents-travel-into-argentine-creativity-combination-of-many-cultures-such-its-tango/, our basket of memories will be enriched with something new in Paraguay: Tereré perfume and empadas, the pleasant stay in a colonial Asuncion hotel and the charm of in book store (where to buy a nice art book). You will know what …

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