An inextinguishable source of love, between delicacy of shades and sinuous shapes

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Moishe Segal, Mark Zacharovič Šagalov or Marc Chagall: three identities for a creative man Born in the summer of 1887, that naturalized French being died in the spring of 1985. Marc Chagall, therefore, since in that name we preserve the memory of the 98 years of his life, created for us a series of pictorial masterpieces full of love. In what he painted you can see pogroms, Cossacks and pallets of herring, St. Petersburg and a girl named Bella, the daughter of goldsmiths who will be his wife. In the great fresco of his life, he inserted the colors of the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, the cultural nuances of Paris, the Nazi occupation of the city and his escape to Marseille.

Marc Chagall finally arrived in the United States , a land where he added the colors of joy to the fresco of his life, but only until the death of his beloved wife, Belle. In 1949, depressed, the artist finds himself under the sun of Provence, where he meets Virginia and the joy of fatherhood. Love and joy of living, under that sky and with a soul at peace, enter his paintings, suspended in the delicacy of nuances, wrapped in sinuous shapes. Three years later, he fully understands being an artist with Valentina. With her, in a timeless time, Marc sees the shining light of the sun and purity from a distant source, the Bible.

Marc Chagall, the famous artist, defies categorization within art movements His style is a mixture of various influences, cultural traditions and artistic currents. He remained steadfastly true to himself, developing a distinctive and individual style that embraced and transcended contemporary artistic movements. His universe is magical and fascinating, characterized by vibrant colors and dreamlike and surreal atmospheres. Despite family opposition, he honed his artistic skills. In fact, he studied in Vitebsk and later at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. During this period, he explored the colorism of Matisse and the Fauvists, while also immersing himself in the works of Van Gogh and Gauguin. In 1910, he moved to Paris, where he made friends with Apollinaire, Delaunay and Modigliani.

Marc Chagall developed a unique technique using tempera, in which pigments are mixed with glue or gum and white pigment. Despite being skeptical of Cubism, he found inspiration in the works of Rembrandt, Renoir, Matisse. His subjects often drew on memories of his homeland of Belarus, childhood memories and his beloved wife, Bella. His art defies easy labels, but we could describe it as a Fauvist dreamscape. The expressive colors of this artist, similar to those of Van Gogh, sketch joyful distortions of the figures, a touch of primitivism and enormous joie de vivre. His paintings crystallize emotions. His artistic legacy, forever captivating the imagination of viewers, remains an enchanting blend of cultural influences and personal vision to this day.

The renowned artist Marc Chagall was not only a painter, but also a poet. His poetic sensibilities often found expression in his visual art. Here is a glimpse of the poetic side of this extraordinary creative man, Equestrienne, a painting from 1931, where the artist captures the elegance and sweetness of a circus rider. The graceful figure, dressed in pale pink, is seated on a white horse adorned with garlands. Her lover, wearing a green velvet coat, embraces her. The scene exudes a fairytale quality, reminiscent of the Arabian Nights. A small farmer figure plays a love tune in the background, adding to the enchantment.

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