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GIRL IN A MIRROR – 70s faces: gritty, poetic and elusive

Photography: a form of art in the pictorial era She, born in Melbourne in 1949, had studied photography at Prahran College with the absolute determination to capture the life of suburban gangs full of violent tomboys. Carol Jerrems spent the last months of her life in a hospital, where she died just before she turned 31, on a winter …

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WHEN BLACK IS A NEW BLACK – If you draws influences from what lies within you

Promote beauty in every form, empowering the wearer As you wander around Melbourne, imagine a place to find pieces uniquely inspired by bondage and the occult. He also imagines that that kind of Teale Coco  stuff is handcrafted and in limited quantities. Now that you have imagined, a problem arises: do you have something against buying something that goes …

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A NEW MASTERY OF FORM AND BRUSHWORK – Charles Conder: A bon-vivant painter who appreciated Melbourne’s girls

A key figure of Australian Impressionism It is not difficult to draw and paint a landscape; however, you need to know a few things. To create a landscape you will have to choose the subject and place. Of course, you will start with light strokes, so you can easily make corrections. If your creativity wants to deal with sea, sky …

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CREATIVE PEOPLE, TWO CITIES AND A CONTINENT – Travel to Australia to awaken creativity.

From Adelaide to Mornington, knowing five ways to perceive Australia. Starting your Australian journey, write this Auguste Rodin’s phrase into first page of your travel diary: “What is commonly called ugliness, in nature can in art become full of beauty.” Here are some of the reasons why everyone should visit Australia. 4000 km from Melbourne to Cairns, over 10,685 …

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STARK LIGHT, BLURRY IMAGERY AND VISUAL MUSICALITY – Bill Henson: Starting with edgy and powerful photographic approach.

Loneling figures, tormented by longing and sadness. Australia’s largest photographic digital camera specialist? In Melbourne you can try michaels, the must visit destination for everyone interested in photography and digital devices. Since 1916, the Michael family has traded from the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale Streets. Of course, you also remember better the image of a bear and that …

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WHEN DRESSES RESULT LIKE AN INTRICATELY TIED UP CLOUD – Toni Matičevski: Fashion as art to wear, as a companion to a life filled with beauty.

Each season elaborate gowns, in different styles and materials. Melbourne Fashion Week returns every year, and its events celebrating the best in Australian fashion for creatives, designers, artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers from all areas of the fashion industry. Souvenir clothes? Boutique Melbourne labels on Gertrude Street, luxury labels on Collins Street and street brands on Chapel Street. Buy online …

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