FEMALE DETAILS FOR STRONG SHAPES – Oliver Tolentino and his concept of luxury and elegance

Bright colors prints and the attention to detail

He is a Filipino Designer achieved international success. The originality of his clothes was proposed in a pink photo shoot for Cycle 17. He excels in all fabrics, especially if they are eco-friendly. It is no coincidence, in fact, that he earned the title of Eco Designer at the Global Green 2012 Pre-Oscar Party. Through the use of indigenous fabrics deriving even from pineapple leaves, Oliver Tolentino https://olivertolentino.com/ has managed to make the skills of Filipino weavers and embroiderers internationally known. In the skillful use of a wide range of fabrics, he assembles original designs with a creative verve that materializes in creating and producing timeless romantic models.

As a child, he dreamed of Hollywood and special clothes for his movie stars. His creations have been worn by Jessica Alba and Sophia Bush, Olivia Munn, Jamie Chung, Giuliana Rancic, Melissa Rauch, Adelaide Kane and Petra Nemcova. Work and determination are the fundamental elements of his professional success. His career began in Manila, the city from which he first became known in the Philippines. Having also become a high fashion designer in the United States, Oliver Tolentino https://www.instagram.com/theOliverTolentino/ has opened his own fashion store in Beverly Hills. A Filipino television network awarded it the Samsung Metro Wear Icon of its own television gala. His design skills were noted and rewarded in the 2010 OSCARS Designer Challenge.

The ecological materials he uses come from a type of pineapple, a special hemp and water lily leaves, as well as from jute and raw Philippine silk. By examining the clothes of one of his fashion shows, anyone can perceive the strong talent of this designer who masterfully marries couture and eco-friendly materials. Palm Springs Fashion Week honored him as a Designer. His collections have been featured in New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week, San Diego’s Women’s Week, and at the Gorgeous & Green charity gala in San Francisco. In 2022, Oliver Tolentino https://www.fvmglobal.com/oliver-tolentino-filipino-designer-achieves-international-success/ was invited to Kornit Fashion Week in Los Angeles. An elementary school teacher of his not only still wears the dress he made, but even his daughter wears it.

He emphasizes the fabrics and skills of Filipino weavers in his clothing. Well known for his wedding suits, he also makes men’s clothing, therefore, we can consider that his is an expression of creativity across the board. His clothes have even been presented in Israel, as well as at the United Nations Palace in Geneva. On an international level, Oliver Tolentino https://globalnation.inquirer.net/120668/hollywood-fashion-designer-oliver-tolentino-the-mesmerizer not only inaugurated the Thai Silk International Fashion Week in Bangkok, but also proposed his style in Bali, the Bahamas and Barbados. He has a prominent place in the Filipino fashion industry, having been the only Filipino designer to have made the dress for an Academy Award winner in the last half century.

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