THE LOOK THAT PLACES ON MADNESS, MANIE AND DEVIATIONS – Guadalupe Nettel and the sharpness of referring us to our own obsessions

Between destiny and free will, collecting what we have to live

The body in which I was born, is a book in which Guadalupe Nettel relives with the mind a succession of events inherent to her own youth, between Mexico and France, confronting some utopias of the 70s. In the pages of this novel by her, perhaps you too will wonder about how a white spot in her eye can help make you feel different from others. Perhaps you will also take into consideration the possibility that that stain could turn into the sign of some difference, or into the uniqueness of telling a personal story in an original way.

Fragments of the Desert – The desert is a long exercise in patience. Those who intend to cross it must acquire the art of tolerance. A trip to the desert is hardly unrelated to the anguish and desperation of feeling lost. In return, however, we are offered an inexhaustible display of beauty.

Born in Mexico City in 1973, Mexican writer Guadalupe Nettel spent part of her childhood in the south of France. Due to some eye problems, she was bullie, which led her to find serenity in reading and starting to write books. You not only have a PhD in Language Sciences from the EHESS in Paris, but you have also collaborated with the Spanish-language newspapers Granta and The New York Times. Her books, including The Wedding of Goldfish, was translate into 17 languages.

Fragments of the desert – The patient is the one who resists and endures an external action on him for an indefinite time. Entering the desert involves becoming patient with him.

With a talent that has allowed her to win important awards in the world of contemporary literature, in addition to writing, she collaborates with Spanish and French specialist magazines. In a sophisticated and original way, exploring the intimacy of the soul, in his books he reveals the beauty that exists in beings with strange behaviors. Among his books, you will find short stories, novels and essays. After being select by the Hay Festival as one of the authors of Bogotá 39, since 2017 Guadalupe Nettel directed the Magazine of the University of Mexico.

Fragments of the desert – From a distance the caravan is a black line in motion; up close, an entire village; a city full of busy people, the smell of food, crying children, intrigues, secret loves. From there all the lands are far away, including ours, even the one through which the caravan passes.

She has great admiration for Alda Merini and Natalia Ginzburg, Andrea Bajani and Chiara Valerio. Her repertoire does not stop at fiction, but also touches on non-fiction. Until 2010, she co-directed a project of intersection between Ibero-American and French-speaking cultures. Her stories have received critical attention in several countries. Author of four storybooks, with her novel The Guest, also published in French at the same time, Guadalupe Nettel Nettel/s?rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3AGuadalupe+Nettel was a finalist for the Herralde Prize.

Fragments of the desert – Sand is the material by which time is measured. The desert is the watch for all ages.

Her way of writing escapes the classifications dictated by fashionable themes. She loves to turn her stories into stories that are accessible to any type of reader. Mexican by origin, but transplanted to Barcelona, through an introspective contemporary approach, in the course of her career Guadalupe Nettel has put all the nuances of sensitivity, solidity and resolve of the human soul into her books. In parallel with her writing activity, she organizes seminars in Spain.

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