NEW STYLES OF CLOTHING AND TRADITIONAL EMBROIDERY TECHNIQUES – Mi Golondrina, the identity and culture of people through clothes

The power of traditions, even in clothes

The peculiarity of his way of proposing elegance in bohemian dress is the dictulity with which each of his clothing items can be combine with jeans or a long skirt, or with a blazer. Collaborating with multiple communities of artisans, including San Juan de Chamula, Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec and San Juan Colorado, Mi Golondrina‘s mission, since 2013, is to share the beauty and traditions of Mexican clothing with the world. To share the beauty of Mexico with the modern woman, its founder Cristina Lynch created her own brand.

She is the founder of a fashion company that works with artisans in Mexico, handcrafting dresses with intricate embroidery and details. What we are talking about is not just a type of hand-embroidered fashion, but a real creative mirror that reflects the Mexican heritage of the mother of Cristina Lynch, a native entrepreneur from Dallas. Mi Golondrina collaborates with hundreds of artisans from all over Mexico.

Oscar de la Renta was her first job, a truly exciting experience to quickly learn the add value of rich Mexican embroidery on dresses. That of Cristina Lynch is an existential duality, which matured between North Texas and Mexico, from where the maternal culture pass to other generations through the enhancement of artisanship. To create their respective garments, each artisan community collaborates with Mi Golondrina using its own technique.

Going to her grandfather’s ranch in Mexico every summer helped shape her childhood in a romantic way, because the memory of horseback riding and bonfires, along with that of swallows. The artisans who collaborate with Mi Golondrina–Brand-/Mi-Golondrina-482378855133451/ use shoulder looms and manually pull the thread to create cutout lace. A Golondrina is not only a swallow, but also a certain type of Mexican romantic song and poetry.

In the way Cristina Lynch manages to match colors there is something truly special, by bringing out the details of the ruffled collars and pleated sleeves. By encouraging its artisans to embroider floral motifs, from memory or according to a specific motif, Mi Golondrina allows the perpetuation of the indigenous designs of each Mexican community. Her mother’s Mexican heritage, as well as a love of art, motivated Cristina Lynch to preserve the traditions of hand embroidery from every corner of her homeland. Each garment of the company, hand-sewn by skilled artisans who use methods handed down from generation to generation, is born in Mexican villages. Since the beginning of its commercial venture, Mi Golondrina had opted for a fair wage in favor of its own artisans, thus building lasting relationships for each Mexican community.

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