SONGS THAT COME FROM THE HEART – Consuelo Velazquez, in the Olympus of the romantic musical composers

A photogenic musical composer in Hollywood

Her name is among the ten Mexican composers who have left the most royalties. Born in Ciudad Guzmán in the summer of 1916, Consuelo Velázquez very early began to demonstrate an aptitude for melody. In fact, at the age of four, her uncle had given her a small piano, from which she naturally drew some melodies. From the age of six, she began studying piano at the Serratos academy in Guadalajara. In Mexico City, she graduated as a concert pianist, immediately starting her career as a popular music composer. When she remaine invite to participate in the musical specialization course of the pianist Claudio Arrau, who praised and encouraged her piano talent.

Curiously, as a girl she freed her worries by composing tender love songs. Yet she, still at the age of nineteen, she had not even kissed anyone. She married Mariano Rivera Conde and had two children with him. Between 1979 and 1982, she was even a member of the Mexican Parliament. Suffering from an infirmity, Consuelo Velázquez died in Mexico City on a winter day in 2005. Among her last wishes, this Mexican composer and performer left us some unreleased songs, including Por El Camino. What was fundamental in her was the double aspect of her musical sensitivity, within which she combined talent as a concert interpreter with an understanding of popular music.

Her life began in the same birthplace of José Clemente Orozco and Juan José Arreola. Radio station XEQ hired her for a classical music program, so she, introduced by the radio announcer with a complicated Polish surname, created half an hour of melodies there. As a composer, among the best know pieces by Consuelo Velázquez we remind you of Déjame quererte and Enamorada. Composed in 1941, Bésame mucho was her best know success, eventually becoming her calling card. Three years later, the pianist and singer Nat King Cole made her famous all over the world, in fact, it was also perform by Andrea Bocelli and Frank Sinatra.

KISS ME VERY – Kiss me; kiss me a lot, as if tonight was the last time. Kiss me; kiss me a lot, because I am afraid of losing you, of losing you later. Kiss me; kiss me a lot, as tonight was the last time. Kiss me, kiss me a lot, I am afraid of losing you, losing you later. I want you very close. Look into my eyes, I see you next to me. Think that maybe tomorrow I will be far away, far from you. Kiss me; kiss me a lot, as if tonight was the last time. Kiss me; kiss me a lot, because I am afraid of losing you, of losing you later.

The piano was her vehicle to convey emotions, in fact, listening to her was, and remains, an unforgettable experience. Compared to pieces by Bach or Ravel, she found that her listeners preferred to hear words of love that revealed the anguish of a farewell kiss or the lover’s sleeplessness. With her life and work as a concert pianist and composer, Consuelo Velazquez contributed to the international image of Mexico, eventually becoming one of the most outstanding composers in the world. In the United States, where his song Besame mucho was play everywhere, everyone wanted to see it, including Orson Welles and Clark Gable.

When the world was involved in the Second World War, in the midst of those disasters his song Besame mucho spread all over the world. Consuelo Velazquez has composed over 250 musical compositions. As a soloist, has been part of the National Symphony Orchestra and the UNAM Philharmonic. Her song Bésame Mucho has been translate into 20 languages, and with almost a thousand different versions. Furthermore, her song Bésame mucho served to accompany various Mexican films musically.

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