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Musical surrealism is based on the exploration of the unconscious, dreams and the irrational, through the use of unexpected, contrasting and provocative images and sounds. Among the music composers who have had relationships with surrealism and who have tried to create dreamlike, alienating and suggestive atmospheres, we cannot fail to mention Claude Debussy, Francis Poulenc and Igor Stravinsky. These are just three examples of musicians who have expressed the spirit of surrealism in an original and creative way, but there are many more that you may discover with more in-depth research Their surrealist concatenation of sounds is a musical genre inspired by the artistic and literary movement of surrealism, born in France in the 1920s.

Considered one of the greatest exponents of musical symbolism and musical impressionism, he used a style characterized by the use of innovative harmonies, based on hexatonal, pentatonic and modal scales. He tried to evoke suggestive atmospheres, inspired by nature, poetry, art and oriental culture, with fluid, nuanced and iridescent writing. His works distance themselves from classical forms, such as the sonata and the symphony, and favor free forms, such as the prelude, the arabesque, the image and the sketch. Claude Debussy (1862-1918), was a precursor of surrealist music for his ability to evoke landscapes and sensations with innovative and refined harmonic writing. Among his most famous works are the Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, La mer, the Images and the Préludes for piano

His musical style is characterized by an eclecticism with a predominantly neoclassical background, with influences from Stravinsky and popular music. His music stands out for its liveliness, grace, irony and sensitivity, which are expressed in works of various genres, such as the Concerto for Two Pianos and songs based on texts by Paul Eluard. Francis Poulenc (1899-1963), member of the Six group, a French musical movement that opposed impressionism and romanticism. His ironic, brilliant and often humorous style mixes popular, classic and modern elements. Among his works, we highlight the Concerto for two pianos, the songs based on texts by Paul Eluard and the melodrama La voix humaine

Among the composers of the twentieth century, he was the one who revolutionized the musical language. His music was characterized by an eclecticism that led him to experiment with different styles and techniques. In the Russian period of his production, he drew inspiration from the folk music and fairy tales of his homeland, using rhythmic, colorful and innovative writing. In his neoclassical period, he approached the Western musical tradition. In the twelve-tone period he adopted the twelve-tone technique, which consisted of organizing the twelve notes of the chromatic scale into a series that determines the harmony and melody of the work. Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century, who revolutionized musical language with works such as The Rite of Spring, Petrushka and The Firebird. He had contact with surrealism especially in the period between the two world wars, when he wrote works characterized by a fusion of classical, folkloristic and modern elements, such as L’histoire du soldat, Les noces, Oedipus rex and Perséphone

The surrealistic musical landscape is a musical composition that creates a dreamlike, alienating and suggestive atmosphere. We offer you an example of such a surrealistic musical landscape, using random words and sounds:

The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine – Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do

The mermaid sings in the desert – La Si Do Re Mi Fa Sol La

A clock melts time – Sol La Si Re Do Mi Fa Sol

A piano plays a meaningless melody – Fa Sol La Do Re Si Mi Fa

An elephant flies in the sky – Mi Fa Sol Re Do La Si Mi

A red rose grows in the ice – Si Mi Fa Do Re Sol La Si

A violin cries a tear – A Si Mi Re Do Fa Sol La

A book writes a never-ending story – Sol La Mi Do Re Si Fa Sol

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