STAR IN A MILLION – Aicelle Santos, first undefeated Pinoy Pop superstar

When a song competition open many doors

She was only six years old when she began musical training, then also went on to study piano at the University of the Philippines. Aicelle Santos is known as a member of the girl group Diva and nicknamed the Philippines’ Ballad Princess, she is a versatile singer and actress achieved widespread fame as the eight-time undefeated winner of Pinoy Pop Superstar.

The movie’s theme song “Part of Your World” was the first song she memorized. She made her theatrical debut as the title character in a 2013 musical based on the life of Katy de la Cruz. Born in Quezon City (Philippines) into a February day in 1985, Aicelle Santos is the cousin of singer Pop Erik Santos. In 2018, she leaved for United Kingdom to star in a musical.

In time, she would rather be a famous singer than be a known pianist. Aicelle Santos, who married Mark Zambrano on 2019, possesses the vocal range of a lyric mezzo-soprano. About her studio albums, we you suggest Make Me Believe and Liwanag, without forget the single Palaging Ikaw. Her inspiration on the field came from Walt Disney’s character Ariel from the movie The Little Mermaid.

The early training allowed her to indulge in her original dream to become a famous pianist. Most people know her as a famous Filipino singer-songwriter and their support helped her achieve long-term career goals. She enjoys in her job and continues to try the best she can do.  Aicelle Santos was born under a horoscope sign of Pisces and that means that even stars work in her favor.

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