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A POPULAR SINGER, AMONG INDIGENOUS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – Cynthia Alexander, revered by young Filipino musicians and dean of alternative ones

A multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter hero in the Philippines Her musicality is a collage of standard guitars, gong percussion and women’s voices, casually amalgamated by a cello or a violin. She made her solo debut with 1997’s Insomnia and Other Lullabyes, but she also performed with Mike Hanopol and Jun Lupito, legendary characters of Filipino rock. At the World Band Explosion Finals …

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STAR IN A MILLION – Aicelle Santos, first undefeated Pinoy Pop superstar

When a song competition open many doors She was only six years old when she began musical training, then also went on to study piano at the University of the Philippines. Aicelle Santos https://ko-kr.facebook.com/notes/aicelle-santos/aicelle-santos/154668821263836 is known as a member of the girl group Diva and nicknamed the Philippines’ Ballad Princess, she is a versatile singer and actress achieved widespread fame …

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