PRECIOUS COLLECTIONS WITH A RESEARCH DESIGN – Alessandro Magrino: give emphasis to equilibrium and form

The art objects always recognisable for their refined taste

Its success stems from the long tradition of the craft. Fine Italian jewelry made in Florence, where you will recall its dazzling displays of the jewelry workshops located on Ponte Vecchio. Into the beautifully lit shop windows, it is impossible to not be struck by works of art created by master Florentine goldsmiths. A artisan piece of jewelry is surely a perfect gift idea, just like those designed by a Florentine who loves to ride and create jewelry.

Within a land fertile with talents, art and passion for beauty, they are also born for jewels. He developed a passion for photography, which has not diminished over the years. His creativity is evident in the silver jewellery made for grand occasions and ceremonies, such as the cornucopias given as gifts to brides by Florence Municipality or the special rosary made for Pope Benedict XVI. Alessandro Magrino was born in 1958 in Florence, where discover the meaning of figurative arts.

The Tuscan style, even in jewelry, is recognizable for its timeless ancient elegance. Before beginning to work in an artisan workshop specializing in high quality silver jewellery, Alessandro Magrino began his artistic career at 16, participating in an exhibition of Chinese ink. He also began to cultivate passion for horse riding, participating in competitions, caring for his horses. Based on the natural and luminous forms, he began to create fine objets d’art, easily recognizable for their refined taste.

His creativity is very evident in the jewelry in silver 925 for grand occasions. Each his piece is the fruit of a project, which begins with an experimental phase. His pieces have a special essence. Preferring to trust his inspirations, Alessandro Magrino refuses to follow the dictates of the market. His fine jewelry you reveal a palpably different quality.

He is the luxury designer of Maria Cristina Sterling, the creative man who made this brand grow internationally. All its models are handcrafted, in the heart of Tuscany. For Alessandro Magrino, a personalized jewel is a unique thought reserved for the wearer. Silver and natural stones make her jewels unrepeatable, transforming them into a message for those around us. His TUSCANY collection is a symbol of the Tuscan tradition.

Almost like sculpture objects, his jewels are recognizable for their intensely innovative style. A tradition with an unequivocal style, which finds precious expression in Alessandro Magrino’s made in Italy Translated into simple and elegant lines by the Tuscan goldsmith’s art, his creativity produces jewels that do not go unnoticed. Maria Cristina Sterling jewels express the great Tuscan tradition, in the cradle of Italian culture, where you can also find the manufacturing tradition of jewels.

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