IN THE TIGER COUNTRY – Travel Bangladesh, into a world of metaphor, poetry and music

Where you talk to a rice farmer, finding a poet

Since 700 BC, the history of Bangladesh has been witness by an human presence. On the Gulf of Bengal, this is a truly special destination for those who love to travel with an adventurous spirit. Within a welcoming rural area, Bangladesh awaits you with mangrove forests, archaeological sites and a very long expanse of beaches, but also the residences of the maharajas, between charm and culture.

In the middle Ages, the country joined Islam, becoming one of the richest territories of the Mongolian empire. Colonial museums and palaces help to preserve the charm of this place, even in the colorful city markets. In the capital of Bangladesh, river transport is used to avoid the chaotic traffic of the city. Dhaka, the city of mosques, offers you the opportunity to visit the Old City, where the testimonies of the Mughal dynasty remain.

In the city of Dhaka, Ahsan Manzil was the residential palace of the Nawab family. Its Indo-Saracen architecture houses a museum, which receives more than 3 million visitors every year. Let yourself be fascinated by the Goaldi Mosque, among the oldest in the country, surrounded by the remains of the houses belonging to the Hindus. To keep the memory of the floating markets, in the south of Bangladesh you can visit the Banaripara one, while the Bansal one is characterized by its multitude of sellers of fruit and vegetables.

Dedicated to Krishna, the Kantanagar Temple is immerse in a landscape made of open spaces, near the city of Kantanagar. Its terracotta panels are very rich in details. Tigers and elephants, in the forests of the southern tip of Bangladesh, can be photograph in the Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary wildlife reserve

You should not forget that your trip to Bangladesh is also made of smells and flavors that refer to ancient popular recipes, such as biryani and khichuri. Bengalis love fish, but the food that can never be missing is the basmati rice. A super traditional Bengali dessert is chomchom, covered with mawa (a very popular cheese in the Indian subcontinent). The place is beautiful and it has very much space for people to sit. The Handi restaurant in Dhaka you offer amazing view, together a good food quality.

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