WHEN CLOTHES BECOME OBJECT OF DESIRE – Christopher Kane: When, with the obsession with dangerous animals, the inspiration comes from a film about monkeys

Tight jersey dresses, scary baboons and monkeys

Among his most famous and recognizable garments, printed dresses and t-shirts. Many celebrities, as if Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger love his creations. At school, as a child he loved being in the art classroom, designing clothes and models from catalogs. He was born in Newarthill, a Scottish town in North Lanarkshire, into a family where he grew up surrounded by mother and aunts, but also by two sisters who had an artistic streak. That is why Christopher Kane https://www.christopherkane.com/sk/ believes that his family is rather artistic, where creativity is in the blood. One of your worst moments? When 23 pieces from his 2008 collection were stolen from his atelier, just before a fashion show.

Thanks to their sense of elegance, her clothing continues to surprise. One of the moments he remembers with satisfaction was when the American star Cher wore one of his chiffon biker jackets. Christopher Kane https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2020-ready-to-wear/christopher-kane realized he wanted to work in the fashion world after seeing a John Galliano fashion show, on a program broadcast by the BBC. He attended live drawing lessons and courses at the Glasgow School of Art. He moved to London with a sister, attended a fine arts course at Central St Martins, a degree course and a master’s degree in fashion. Graduating in 2006, he immediately opened his own company. Under the continuous innovation, his collections are characterized by a rebellious femininity.

His collections include cloud prints on men’s t-shirts, atomic explosions and galaxies. Donatella Versace and Anna Wintour learned of his creations, starting to take an interest in him. Christopher Kane https://www.facebook.com/ChristopherKaneOfficial/ discovered an elastic fabric in a shady haberdashery, using it for a collection of elastically tight clothes with multiple bandages. It was 2007, and his debut summer collection determined his success, with short garments and bright colors.

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