RENAISSANCE BODIES AND LARGE SOFT SKIRTS – Sorelle Fontana, an elegant practicality without bows and ribbons

Be simple and elegant, combining right colors 

In Parma, among the buildings in the historic center there is that of Acqua di Parma, where it is Cologne perfume was created, the first true cologne in Italy. Even a package of perfume, the Violetta di Parma, can prolong the memory of your stay in this city. The “Made in Parma” offers you the opportunity to enter the Antico Buongustaio to appreciate artisanal sausages such as the “priest” or the “strolghino”, without forgetting an ovoid-shaped sweet salami, the “shoulder of San Secondo”. Now that you know the flavors and smells of this area, you could also appreciate the elegant sartorial practicality of the Sorelle Fontana.

They launched their style, inspired by an almost Renaissance line characterized by tight bodices and soft and wide skirts. Some of their sartorial creations waiting you at the Metropolitan in New York and the Louvre in Paris. On the story of the three Fontana sisters, lovers of creativity, an Italian television series was create: Atelier Fontana, the sisters of fashion. In 1958, their tailoring had moved to the prestigious Piazza di Spagna. Famous American women chose what those sisters created for the simple lines of their models. The Study and Communication Center of Parma preserves 6591 of their works, including sketches, sketches and mixed technical drawings.

In 1938, in Traversetolo (a small town in the province of Parma), following the family tradition, three sisters began the tailoring profession, then continuing their activity in Rome. Founded in 1943, Sorelle Fontana Alta Moda is a fashion house specialized in high level tailoring productions. Making the Italian tailoring style famous all over the world, the Zoe sisters, Micol and Giovanna Fontana, were the first to give a lively boost to Made in Italy. From 1960, their prét-à-porter production developed, without sacrificing sartorial quality. Their MicolBoutique line, is dedicate to younger customers.

In Rome, to expand their business, near Via Veneto the three Fontana sisters rented an apartment served as a home-laboratory. Their first major client had been Guglielmo Marconi’s daughter. In 1943, the laboratory was moved not far away, to a three-storey building. The end of the war decreed their true success, because together with the upper middle class environment many stars of the world of cinema had also become their customers. With the same dress, their customers went shopping and went out in the evening. A Hollywood actor bought their full wardrobe from them for her film.

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