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IN MORE THAN A CREATIVE MODE, BUT WITH ALL THE SENSES – Parma itineraries, to discover the creative good taste

Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. Author’s trip to Parma, with all the senses In Parma https://www.10cose.it/parma/cosa-vedere-parma, a place of inestimable artistic value, the Palazzetto Sanvitale is full of frescoes, but among them do not miss a Madonna and Child, painted by Parmigianino in 1524. You can deepen your knowledge of this painter by entering the Abbey of San Giovanni Evangelista …

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RENAISSANCE BODIES AND LARGE SOFT SKIRTS – Sorelle Fontana, an elegant practicality without bows and ribbons

Be simple and elegant, combining right colors  In Parma, among the buildings in the historic center there is that of Acqua di Parma https://www.libertylondon.com/uk/brands/a/acqua-di-parma/?srule=brand&sz=59&start=85, where it is Cologne perfume was created, the first true cologne in Italy. Even a package of perfume, the Violetta di Parma, can prolong the memory of your stay in this city. The “Made in Parma” …

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