A mother, enduring her daughter’s illness

To book lovers rejoice there are independent bookstores across Los Angeles that are focused on a wide range of literary genres. One of its most acclaimed independent bookstores, Skylight Books, is in historic Los Feliz neighborhood. Owned and run by writers, it host frequent author events. Mystic Journey Bookstore, sells a wide range of visionary books. The bookstore boasts one of L.A.’s best collections of healing crystals and stones. Used-bookshop Alias Books East, is heavily stocked with multiple genres of books, maybe you will find The Year of Magical Thinking, novel by Joan Didion.

With her book The Year of Magical Thinking, she was a 2005 National Book Award winner for nonfiction. Born in and raised in Sacramento (California) on a day in December 1934, beginning to write since the age of five and becoming a writer. Moving often made her feel like an eternal stranger. Joan Didion was unable to attend school regularly because of the constant family transfers, but in 1943, she and her mother settled permanently in Sacramento. In 1956, she graduated in Letters. She worked in Vogue for two years, being promoted from copywriter to associate editor, writing her first novel. From 1979 to 2004, she lived in a quiet residential suburb of Los Angeles, then moving to New York.

Reading The Year of Magical Thinking, you will discover a woman who is surprised to think like children. Death and illness are events beyond one’s personal control. A few days before Christmas, two writers see the influence of the only daughter degenerate into septic shock. Only a few days later, one of the two dies of a heart attack. For over a year, the life of the surviving parent has been crushed by the scope of these two events. The book that you will leaf through is the report of that year. Page after page, you will discover how the author Joan Didion describes the story of a mother enduring her daughter’s illness, imagining that she has the power to reverse the story of the facts.

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