WHERE YOU CAN FEEL THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE – There are no shortcuts worth going, knowing Seoul’s creativity

Miracle on the Han River, a model country in socio-economic growth

For most of us, the greatest danger is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that is it too low and we reach it. Do not forget this, visiting Seoul https://english.visitseoul.net/index. The best Korean creative people look up. Following theyr steps, you too will discover that a book or a song, photographs, clothes and paintings can open you mind to creativity.

Its underground markets, always pulse with a chaotic and old world vibe. Here, “pali pali” (meaning quick, quick), it is a way of life. With its pulsing creative energy, Seoul (the Asian city that never sleeps), moves at a pace that rivals the world’s busiest. Near the Han River (to the west of downtown),  Hap Jeong area it is beautiful, full of cafes and stores that you won’t find anywhere else. Maybe, you will encounter painter Minjae Lee, close to you, while drinking a coffe. There is something about thoughtful pose (and dreamy gaze) of his womans, that capture your attention. He made his work only for himself (that is still how he draw to this day). Born into a January day 1989 in Jinhae (South Korea), he lives and works in Seoul. Inside his work overall is drama. He is a young artist whose work expresses a disturbing inner tension. Minjae Lee it capture you with his colors, through loud and aggressive imagery beauty.

From underground indie to jazz and heavy metal, Seoul is home to special sites that feature a wide variety of musical genres. Between best spots to listen to live music you can discover Once In A Blue Moon, whit its special class and charm. The venue hosts two local acts every night, with an eclectic menu of cocktails named after jazz musicians, and top-notch cuisine. No, here you will cannot listen Wooseok music. Is better known by his stage name Wooseok. With a height of 188 cm (or 6’2″), he is the tallest member of his band. He was born on 1998, into Chinese Year of the Tiger. Jung Wooseok https://channel-korea.com/pentagons-wooseok-profile/ perform his talent into Pentagono band, where all three members share the zodiac star sign Aquarius. His band is a multilingual group, where all ten members can speak a second language in addition to Korean.

Book-themed cafes emerge in Seoul as evolving cultural spots. Clustered in the city’s Hongdae area (home to Korea’s major publishing houses), its cafes that provide books to read, reflect a ever-changing trend have been, also becoming a favorite place for many writers and artists. Entering Cafe Comma https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cafe-Comma/136371636460285, you discover bookshelves in the cafe stretch from the floor to the high ceiling. You too can enjoy coffee, while browse some books, maybe purchasing novel The Vegetarian, by Han Kang. She wrote about a woman with an unusual obsession – to grow roots and become a tree. She made her literary debut when her short story win in a spring literary contest. Daughter a novelist, she studied Korean literature at Yonsei University, and began her writing career when one of her poems was featured. Han Kang http://www.han-kang.net/ was born in Kwangju and at the age of 10, moved to Seoul.

Marked by promising design talent, its reputation does not seem to waning any time soon. K-fashion is the next move for South Korea’s capital. Its fashion scene is very much involved with street culture. Seoul Fashion Week has attracted international praise. In 2012, between Korean fashion brands, a textile manufacturer created 8Seconds. On top of trends, they release new collections nearly every week. Entering Eenk Katridge https://www.facebook.com/pages/EENK-Kartridge/149533602119254, a project space created by designer Hyemee Lee, the space that to introduce her new products. She is beloved for her passion, which crosses from fashion to art to lifestyle. In 2013, she kicked off an endeavor called the Letter Project, where she released items every few months, beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Hyemee Lee https://eenk.co.kr/ have completed her first collection when she reaches the letter “a.”

Among best places to go shopping in Seoul, you find Myeongdong Market and its dozens of department stores, shopping malls and street side shops. If you are looking for underground cultures and freedom of self-expression, you can enter Hongdae district. Its shops selling goods ranging from handmade clothes to luxury goods. If you are looking for Korean book souvenir, enter Foreign Book Store https://10mag.com/directory/entertainment/shops/seoul/the-foreign-bookstore-yongsan-gu-seoul/, with its narrow aisles that you invites for you next read: Kim Jung-man.

Most people arrive in Cheorwon at the Wasu-ri Bus Terminal. Cheorwon County is a county in Gangwon Province (South Korea), right next to the border with North Korea. Its Saemtong Migratory Bird’s Sanctuary, a 5,000-square-meter natural pond that never freezes, is a haven for migratory birds. Hantangang River (the Grand Canyon of Korea), give you a rafting course is 15 km long. Under this sky was born famous photographr Kim Jung-man.

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