TO EXPRESS SPIRITUAL CONTENT, BY UNITING ABSTRACTION AND REALITY – Georgy Shishkin: Painter who captured the enigma of Russia

A Russian master of modern portraiture

You will need to get a government permit, if you want to visit for yourself. Layers of the mineral carnallite cause its surreal swirls. Entering Yekaterinburg Psychedelic Salt Mines, you too will consider it is hard to believe that colored dizzying patterns are completely natural. Here, you can admire paint rivers color on the walls of an abandoned salt mine, dating back millions of years. About colors, if you wish, Georgy Shishkin interior decorations for the Ekaterinburg Opera Museum waiting for you

At Christie’s, one of his paintings reached fourth place among works of famous artists. During his youth, he was influenced by the atmosphere at his great-grandparents’ house, steeped with Russian traditions. Son of a first violinist, from the age of six, he began violin classes. Entering in a cathedral, Georgy Shishkin was struck by works of a Russian painter. Born in Ekaterinburg (Russia), showing passion for drawing, by his tenth year he was enrolled a fine art school.

His works you waiting in museums and private collections in many countries. Georgy Shishkin travelled to the many old cities in his country, visiting monasteries and paid close attention to its frescoes. In the Vladimir Cathedral, the works of Andrei Rublev struck him. Graduate of the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, a trainee at the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts, he was a professor of drawing and painting.

While remaining at home in Socialist Realism, from 1974 Georgy Shishkin took part in professional art exhibitions. Experimentation with different techniques led him to favour pastel. Being multi-faceted, he made the interior decorations for the Ekaterinburg Opera Museum with two large frescoes and a portrait gallery. After travelling abroad, in a quest for his roots he began painting his Russian Dreams cycle of paintings. Created by him in 2009, in Monaco two postage stamps for Centenary of Ballets Russians on Diaghilev went out.

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