REJECTING FORMULAIC CUSTOMS AND ANGLES – Kim Jung-man: The spotlight fashion photographer who had capture his subjects, in the most natural poses

Searching for Roots of Korean Performing Arts

Among best places to go shopping in Seoul, you find Myeongdong Market and its dozens of department stores, shopping malls and street side shops. If you are looking for underground cultures and freedom of self-expression, you can enter Hongdae district. Its shops selling goods ranging from handmade clothes to luxury goods. Looking for Korean book souvenir? Enter Foreign Book Store, with its narrow aisles that you invites for you next read: Kim Jung-man.

Most people arrive in Cheorwon at the Wasu-ri Bus Terminal. Cheorwon County is a county in Gangwon Province (South Korea), right next to the border with North Korea. Its Saemtong Migratory Bird’s Sanctuary, a 5,000-square-meter natural pond that never freezes, is a haven for migratory birds from November through March. Hantangang River (the Grand Canyon of Korea), give you a rafting course is 15 km long. Under this sky was born famous photographr Kim Jung-man.

Demonstrating unique sensibilities and style, in the last forty years, he has taken 800,000 photographs of a wide range of subjects. In 2006, leaving his career as a commercial photographer, he stopped photographing Korea’s celebrities, turning his lens to his countryside. Born in Cheorwon into a October day, 1954, in the aftermath of the Korean War in 1954, Kim Jungman become one of the most estimated artists in Korea’s fine art world.

Beginning in the 2010s, he turned his attention to Korea’s cultural heritage and nature and the Korean spirit. He has battled to overcome a Korean limitation that suggests photographers are either artistic or commercial. The photographer Kim Jungman lives and works in Seoul. Leaving his homeland as a teenager, he visit Burkina Faso (Africa), beginning a philosophical journey that took him to Europe, to study painting.

In Nice (France), attending École Nationale Supérieure d’Art Kim Jungman discovered his passion for photography. He won a prestigious photographer award in Arles, and was named one of Today’s 80 Photographers in France. When moved back to Korea, in the 1980’s and 90’s his creative way become commercial and fashion photography. His book includes 91 carefully selected photographs, ranging from his earliest to his most recent work.

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