TO DEBUT AS A MODEL, BECOMING RAPPER – Wooseok: A member of South Korean boy band

The handsome perfect Pentagon’s Main rapper

From underground indie to jazz and heavy metal, Seoul is home to special sites that feature a wide variety of musical genres. Between best spots to listen to live music you can discover Once In A Blue Moon, whit its special class and charm. The venue hosts two local acts every night, with an eclectic menu of cocktails named after jazz musicians, and top-notch cuisine. No, here you will cannot listen Wooseok music.

Jung Woo-seok is better known by his stage name Wooseok. With a height of 188 cm (or 6’2″), he is the tallest member of his band. He was born on a January day 1998, into the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Jung Wooseok perform his talent into Pentagono band, where all three members share the zodiac star sign Aquarius. His band is a multilingual group, where all ten members can speak a second language in addition to Korean.

He speaks Korean and can understand some English. He always wanted to be a K-pop idol since he was young. He debuted as a member of South Korean band UP10TION in 2015. Jung Wooseok is the main rapper of the boy group Pentagon and a member of the unit Wooseok X Kuanlin. In 2019, he rose to prominence after finishing second on Produce X 101. His hand size was measured to be 21.4 cm. He pursued his dream by auditions, being a trainee for many years. He loves watching anime and can play Violin. He made his official debut 2015, with Top Secret, his first EP. On 2016, Jung Wooseok was enrolled at Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts, majoring in acting and K-pop. He does not eat cucumbers and is very popular among Girls.

DOMINO feel like a domino. I do not know what is right. Useless thoughts go all the way. I am afraid of being alone. I did not fall and I do not know how to get up. He is tall but still young. I walk with my eyes open, but I cover my hands with the sun. It is bright but I try to hide people. I want to succeed, but I am afraid of failure. The challenge is a high barrier that never ends. I do not like many people, but I want to give you happiness. There is nothing to represent, but I want to be fucked. There is a lack of explanation. I want to live well while doing what I like. This does not work like my heart. Soon one day the body will fall again one day. I feel like a domino. I will fall anyway. Do not worry, because it is me. Do not comfort me, hug me tight without words. The day your shadow fell. The sun rises in the east and is lost to each other. The more I love you, I lose you. Horses poisoned by the dirty and selfish personality. It is filtered by the filter paper before you. I do not want to lie. I cannot take control of myself. Tell yourself.I can sing it Nana Lara. You know my heart. Only good things, just beautiful things. What do you like that I am looking for? I know I do not belong, but none of them is fun. Learn to walk slowly, to adapt to your pace. I hate to see someone difficult. I am very worried about this. It is just for me. It is a song to calm me. I feel like a domino. I will fall anyway. Do not worry, because it is I. Do not comfort me, hug me tight without words. The day your shadow fell.

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