CREATE ART WORKS BY SILK AND WOOL BLENDS – Anu Raina: Inconfondibile, elegant and playful clothings

It started with a piece of paper and India ink

Here, Museum at Erchless Estate offers guided tours, changing exhibitions, events, and programs. The Centre for the Performing Arts you provides live entertainment downtown. With excellent Lake Ontario, sport-fishing, exquisite dining and unique downtown shopping districts, Oakville’s neighbourhoods. Here live Anu Raina, the inconfondibile fashion designer you need to know

In October of 2010, she debuted her ready to wear clothing collection at the Toronto Fashion Week. She graduated from the Textile program at the Sheridan College, Oakville and, in a short span of time, Anu Raina has made a quality splash in Toronto’s Fashion. Living up to her reputation of a conceptual artist, she dazzled the eyes with a colourful collection of silk dresses feminine and skirts. To her, the multitude of textures, sometimes translucent and sometimes mysterious, are just like the woven complexities of life itself.

Her inspiration comes from an innate urge to give an expression to thoughts and experiences that came with the journey of her life. For outstanding achievement by recent graduates, Ontario colleges nominated Anu Raina for the 2012 Ontario Premier’s Award. She has done exclusive collaborations with several prestigious organizations. Her Skyline print was selected for a contemporary art exhibit. The talented textile designer unveiled her debut clothing collection of graphic scarves.

When she heard that she was declared one of the hottest upcoming designers in Canada, she knew she was on the right track. Her scarves are wearable memoirs, ones you will cherish along for years to come. For her, life happens in all shapes and sizes, which is why she is enthusiastic about personalizing clothes, in any of her prints. Anu Raina currently lives in Oakville (Ontario), with her husband and two children.

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