One of British Columbia’s first professional photographers

In its Empress Hotel, people still gather for afternoon tea. At the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria is influenced by the mildest climate in the whole of Canada. Here you can visit a downtown area (set around the Inner Harbour), which retains its Victorian heritage buildings and atmosphere. Hannah Maynard, pioneer photographer of the Far West, is buried in its Ross Bay Cemetery. https://offtheeatentracktours.ca/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpevjtPbm5QIVQsYYCh2AzAFrEAAYASAAEgIEFvD_BwE

She was best know for her portrait work and at the same time managed darkroom affairs and studio promotion. On columns or posing, as if they were made of stone, she photographed people using techniques that made them appear as statuary. Hannah Maynard was born in Bude (Cornwall) in 1834, becoming a photographer best known for her portrait work and experimental photomontage and multiple exposures.

Hannah Maynard married in 1852 and they immigrated to Ontario, where four of their five children were born. While her husband was out into the West, she learned the basics of photography. In 1862, she opened up her first photographic studio. Two years leater, while he operated a second boot store, she had taught her husband the principles of photography. The couple traveled to purchase photographic equipment in San Francisco, on a pleasure cruise around Vancouver Island and to Banff in the late.

Hannah Maynard made a solo trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands. While they published their photographs under separate imprints, it is sometimes unclear in the case of landscape views whether she or her husband was the photographer. Producing mug shots as required, she was the official photographer of the Victoria Police Department. At the age of 84, she died in 1918 in Victoria and is buried in Ross Bay Cemetery.

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