PERSONIFY NEW PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCES – Horacio Coppola: A tireless observer of the world

When the photographs are careful constructions and transfigurations of everyday life

Most of its restaurants are located in the Palermo district. Meat is the main food (prepared on the grill and grilled), it is the queen of the Argentine tables and restaurants of Buenos Aires. Asado con Achuras is a dish based on grilled beef. For its preparation, a tasty and tasty broth cut is used. Parrilla is a mixed grill of meat, in which different cuts are used, placed on the grill after salting. Located in the charming Palermo district, La Cabrera is an exquisitely Argentinian restaurant, as was Horacio Coppola, a photographer born here.

His avant-garde vision had developed through the rediscovery of everyday life, through the strangeness of reality. He, born in Buenos Aires in 1906 from Italian parents, started taking pictures from an early age. Horacio Coppola became an Argentine photographer having initially dedicated himself to film, as a director. From 1927, he applied cinematographic experiences to photography, achieving great mastery in the management of light effects.

As you can imagine, for him there is a deep study of the subject, before proceeding to the shooting. Traveling in Europe, Horacio Coppola a Leica camera, which will become his inseparable working tool. He studied at the Bauhaus, making an experimental film in Berlin. He fled to London with a woman of Jewish origin, because of the Nazi threat; he married her, returning to Buenos Aires, where he opened a photographic studio. After divorcing, he married a pianist.

In the sixties and seventies, he began to photograph in color, writing and curating exhibitions on photography. His retrospective was organized in 1984 (in the cultural center of the Plaza Dorrego), where Horacio Coppola had photographed painters and dance dancers. He won the prestigious prize of the national foundation Argentina for the arts, dying in 2012, at the age of 105 years. His images document the contrast between the old and the new that is advancing, in Buenos Aires. Spreading avant-gardes, he traveled to many corners of the world, immortalizing places and people, personifying new photographic experiences.

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