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PERSONIFY NEW PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCES – Horacio Coppola: A tireless observer of the world

When the photographs are careful constructions and transfigurations of everyday life Most of its restaurants are located in the Palermo district. Meat is the main food (prepared on the grill and grilled), it is the queen of the Argentine tables and restaurants of Buenos Aires. Asado con Achuras is a dish based on grilled beef. For its preparation, a tasty …

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MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Jacques Henri Lartigue

Capturing people and objects in motion. Initially focused on the daily life of the French bourgeoisie, he became a popularizer of aesthetic innovations in the art world. Born in Courbevoie on a day in June 1894, he was a photographer and painter. Although he is considered a photographer, JACQUES HENRI LARTIGUE always presented himself as a painter. Beginning in 1904, …

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