I LIKE TO LOOK INTO YOUR EYES – Julia Neigel, voice with wings.

I will keep you in my heart long without knowing who you are.

This city is full of history and culture. Charming Ludwigshafen is build on the port west bank of the Rhine River. In its Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, you will see a wonderfull collection of of  Mondrian, Kandinsky and Andy Warhol. Bodenseeufer https://www.bodensee.de/region/untersee-hegau/konstanz is a nature reserve located on Lake Constance, where you will find a very serene and natural place. Experience the Rhein-Galerie Ludwigshafen https://www.rheingalerie-ludwigshafen.de/? Yes, of course, because has a very special charm: spacious promenade invites you to enjoy its own gastronomy, into meeting place for culture and events. While walking, try listening to a musical selection by a singer-songwriter who lives right under this sky.

She has been involved in social and charitable causes (such as tolerance, victim protection and civil courage), since the beginning of her career. While opening for acts (such as Status Quo and Ronan Keating), she has collaborated with many musicians, such as Peter Maffay and Edo Zanki. JULIA NEIGEL http://www.julianeigel.com/was born in Bernaul (Siberia), into a April day, 1966. Her family moved back to Germany, where she had become German singer/songwriter, author and producer. Now, she lives in Ludwigshafen am Rhein (Rhineland-Palatinate).

She played her first concert in 1982. Her style of music is soul and R&B (influenced pop rock). JULIA NEIGEL is noted for her vocal range of more than four octaves. She began singing at 14, while her first album was released when she was 22. 2011, saw the release of Neigelneu (her first studio album in more than a decade). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7QrtOVaCHw&list=RDU7QrtOVaCHw&start_radio=1&t=4

WOULD YOU BE WITH ME – Sometimes the longing is like a river. I feel your kiss on my lips and then I see your face. I sing this song for you. I know you hear me out there. What would I give for it? Would you be with me now? Come here, sweeten my life, I am waiting for you here, so much. Time will give us being together with you. The good will guide us. Be our ferryman. If we sometimes the nights are like a whole year, sometimes I wake up and see you already close. Wherever you are now be mine, I am sure. Listen to my words and enjoy what would I give for it. Would you be with me now? Come here, sweeten my life, I am waiting for you here. So much time will give us being together with you. The good will guide us, our ferryman.

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