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AGGRESSIVE AND VIVIDE PAINTING STYLE – Amedeo de Sousa-Cardoso: innovative paintings that seem to pave the way to abstractionism.

Discovering best kept secret in modern art.

Under this sky, a deadly epidemic had stolen the young life of a promising painter. Its Surf Destination is an annual event organized by the World Surf League. Its fair, having been first organised in 1894, is well known in Portugal. Located in the Metropolitan Area of Porto, Espinho it is one of the smallest municipalities of the country. If you are looking for an apartment, near golf courses (200 meters from the beach, with restaurants nearby and other activities in the evicence), the Casa di Nuno is waiting for you in São Félix da Marinha. https://it.airbnb.com/rooms/27323830?location=Espinho%2C%20Portugal&guests=1&adults=1#neighborhood

He had became close friends with writers and with Italian Futurists. Born in Mancelos (a parish of Amarante), into a November day, 1887, he become a famous painter. AMEDEO DE SOUSA-CARDOSO had entered the Superior School of Fine Arts of Lisbon, coming in Paris one year later, where studying painting start. In 1913, he travelled to USA, where was among the most commercially successful of the exhibitors. His a painting Greyhounds (oil on canvas with overall dimensions of 100 x 73 centimeters, 1911), it is in the collection of the Modern Art Center José de Azeredo Perdigão, in Lisbon.

At first sight, his works may you seem random in their compositional structure, but a close observation reveale his clearly balanced style. Influenced both by cubism and by futurism, he became one of the first modern Portuguese painters. His early works were stylistically close to impressionism. In Barcelona met with Antoni Gaudí. Returned to Portugal, AMEDEO DE SOUSA-CARDOSO married, maintaining contact with other Portuguese artists and poets. Because the Spanish flu, on an October day 1918, he died in Espinho, a small fishing village located in area of Porto.

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