THERE IS NO SPECIAL MEMORY AS A JOURNEY TO BROOKLYN – The place where originality meets innovation.

Brooklyn, the ability of taking the seemingly ordinary.

There is no friend as loyal as a book, he had said Ernest Hemingway. In Park Slope, entering into Unnameable Books you can buy a used novel “Cach22” by a writer that had grow here: Joseph Heller. Among the most celebrated poets of the early twentieth century, she had loved the Greenwich Village. You too can love Village, reading book “Collected Poems” by Edna St. Vincent Millay Of course, the most famous landmark is the iconic “Brooklyn Bridge”, but there are a wide range of Brooklyn, such as snow globes and keychains, ornaments, tee shirts, and more.

A “Brooklyn Bridge Mini Wire Models, elegant metallic model of the world is perfect for home table place settings. If you like, can buy the Kevin’s Devine CD ‎”Bulldozer Maybe you do not want to spend too much to buy a huge painting by Julian Schnabel (a painter who lives here), but one of his posters can keep giving you a good memories of your trip to Brooklyn.

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