AN IDEA CONNECTED TO THE ART – Travel USA following the artistic itinerary of five creative Americans

An travel’s idea connected to the art

They have long been global American brands, their images are familiar everywhere, from Apple computers to the hot dogs. Almost everyone on the planet knows something about the USA, even if they’ve never been. The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State, Las Vegas, Golden Gate and the White House waiting for you. Planning your trip to USA? Everything you need, it’s to plan where to go and what to do. If desired, we have an idea connected to the art: travel from Columbus to Boston, following the artistic itinerary of five creative Americans.

The painter George Wesley Bellows grew up here. In Columbus, Glass Axis is a non-profit, public access glass art facility and gallery. Glass Axis is a space for special events where thei have hosted everything.have well-equipped studios for all forms of glass art (including stained and fused glass, torch and hot glass blowing and sculpting, and neon art). Thei hold hundreds of hands-on classes, demonstrations and public programs each year. Glass Axis supports artistic practice, by providing to the artists (at all stages of development), the necessary tools to create innovative works, engaging the community.

GEORGE WESLEY BELLOWS started drawing long before kindergarten. At twenty-three he joined the National Academy of Design. Besides being a great painter, he was a great printer, using the technique of lithography to make fresh prints like a charcoal sketch. This son of a devotee and building contractor, with a mother who hopes his son would become a Methodist bishop, grew up in Columbus (Ohio).

Signature Salads in Columbus? You can select from their delicious regular-sized salad or their large salad. You can order a salad between 8:00 am and 1:15 pm (Monday through Friday). Your salad will be ready in approximately 15 min. Broad Street Bagels & Deli good service, fast food, clean. Amazing bagels and pastries (also the turnovers are fantastic too! A must for your visit for breakfast.

Approaching this city, the first thing you’ll see from afar is the Washington Monument, a marble obelisk erected to commemorate George Washington, founding father and first president of the United States of America. The National Museum of American History is a Washington DC museum that collects, preserves and displays the heritage of the United States, allowing you to learn about the social, political, cultural, scientific and military history of this nation.

In an age when Impressionism was dominant, THOMAS WILMER DEWING became an artist influenced by James Abbott McNeill Whistler. As you can see, his style approaches the mysterious world of French symbolists. After a short period in Paris, he taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In Washington, D.C. you can admire his 1890 “Summer” painting at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

In Washington DC, Rogue 24 is an American restaurant that offers 2 multi-course tasting menus. Their team, under the creative vision of James Beard, works daily to create a menu for the enjoyment of its guests. Here you can find fantastic food in an amazing environment. Approachable enough to make you feel comfortable. Go with the “Journey menu” and get the pairing, you won’t regret it.

His urban scenes in New York always represented the rawness and chaos of the working class people and neighborhoods. By painting New York, he developed his strong sense of light and visual structure. In 1906 GEORGE WESLEY BELLOWS painted his first masterpiece (The Cross-Eyed Boy), then expanded his vision with a series of masterly urban scenes. To see his work “Dempsey and Firpo”, you have to go to New York, at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

THOMAS WILMER DEWING knew that he needed to live in a big city to establish himself as a principal artist, so he moved to New York where, through art, music and literature, he and his friends believed that the role of creativity was to suggest emotions. He died in New York on a November day. Do not forget that at the Freer Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution, a room is dedicated to his paintings.

EDITH WHARTON is known for her ironic and lucid prose on the aristocratic New York society. Her protagonists are often tragic heroes, portrayed as emotional people. From the beginning of her life, she was immersed in a society known for her ways, taste, snobbism and a long list of things to do and not do. She was born on January 1862 in New York. Her family was a long-standing New York aristocracy, often traveling in the countryside and in Europe.

In New York (in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood), Abrons Arts Center is a home for contemporary interdisciplinary arts. Through performance presentations, exhibitions, education programs and residencies, Abrons mobilizes communities with the transformative power of art. Abrons offers progressive learning opportunities for makers at all levels of creative development. Here you can find a place to take risks, be bold, experiment, and embrace curiosity, a place where you too are encouraged to construct meaningful responses.

THOMAS WILMER DEWING was born on a May day in Newton Lower Falls (Massachusetts). As a child he was interested in both drawing and violin. In the late eighties of the nineteenth century, he had formed his subject: elegant and refined women portrayed, placed indoors or outdoors, in soft green fields. If you want to see the famous 1912 “Lady in Gold” painting, you have to go to the New York Brooklyn Museum.

In Newton Centre, you can find beer and wine tastings (Fridays and Saturdays). At Murray’s Liquors they have increased inventory threefold over the previous owner. ​ More wines, liquor and beer to choose from than ever before. The addition of Syrah to the blend adds, color, depth and flavor. Here you too can love “Pinot Noir” (more taste and body), to add to your travel memories.

She was known for her powerful personality and devoted herself to poetry, but did not publish anything until 1910. AMY LOWELL was born on February 9, 1874 in a ten-acre estate in Brookline (Massachusetts). She wrote in polyphonic prose, becoming a leader of Imagism. She was influenced by the Imagist movement (its founders were Pound, Madox Ford and Richard Aldington). In 1926 she received the Pulitzer Prize as a posthumous award.

Combining flavors and developing recipes from many different cultures, Marjorie and Paul create fresh soups, bursting with flavors guaranteed to make you feel good. They has created more than one hundred soups that will warm the heart in winter and cool the palate in summer. Dont miss Newton New England Soup Factory (244 Needham Street, Newton).

In Boston, he is definitely a unique musical voice. This songwriter brings a special warmth and intimacy to the places where he plays, with fun and educational performances. If you want to find it and listen to its music, it is necessary that you walk in the streets or in the subways of the city, those where he does his job, entertaining every day hypersensing. LLOYD THAYER plays in clubs and concert halls, with his old 1929 steel guitar.

In the movie Hatchet, star Joel Moore spends much of the film in a blood-spattered Newbury Comics T-shirt. Since the late 1980s, Newbury Comics has been a vendor of new and used CDs and DVDs (including comics, posters, T-shirts), novelties and more. For an unforgettable memory of this trip, you can stop at the Newbury Comics, a comic book store (1 N Market St, Boston).

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