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Traveling is an experience that can enrich you in many ways: it can help you discover new cultures, traditions, languages and foods, but also help you develop greater tolerance for cultural differences. Traveling offers you the opportunity to make new friends and create lasting memories. Traveling can also be a fun and adventurous experience, an opportunity to get away from the daily routine. An author’s journey is a personalized and tailor-made travel experience, designed to meet the traveler’s specific needs and desires. Often organized by travel agencies who specialize in creating a unique and authentic experience, these ways of experiencing travel include guided tours to unusual places, boutique hotel accommodation and unforgettable restaurants. We hope that our information can also be useful to you. Small Italian villages are often known for their beauty, history and cultural heritage. Here are three that might interest you: Bobbio, Orta San Giulio and Dolceacqua. These places offer an authentic and unique experience, far from the crowds of the cities and perfect for immersing yourself in Italian culture.

Famous for its medieval bridge and the castle, the charming Ligurian village of Dolceacqua is also worth a visit. The oldest part of the typical medieval village, rich in history, legends, traditions, art and culture, is called Terra by the inhabitants; the more modern one, the Borgo, extends on the opposite bank. For the French painter Monet, in that superb place there existed a jewel of lightness: a bridge. A painting by him, Le Château de Dolceacqua was exhibited in the Doria Castle in 2019. Arriving in the town at the end of January, you too will have the opportunity to appreciate the traditional procession of San Sebastiano, the characteristic fireworks in the town squares. The day after Ferragosto, however, on the occasion of a celebration connected to the legend of Lucrezia, you will be able to taste the michetta, the typical dessert of the town. To plan your stay and guarantee a memorable memory of this author’s journey, farmhouses, bed & breakfasts and apartments, as well as refined restaurants and pizzerias, offer a choice that meets your needs. To appreciate the typical dishes of this timeless place, take note of these culinary specialties: stuffed flowers, ravioli c’ù passigu, and Ligurian rabbit. By staying at the Stecadò farmhouse, you can discover the hinterland of western Liguria by E-bike, or live an unforgettable experience by visiting the Ligurian coast on board their boat.

The Gobbo Bridge, symbol of this village, will welcome you. If you want to experience a pleasant stay at the Giardino hotel restaurant, right in the main square, it will allow you to taste the macaroni prepared with a knitting needle and cooked with stracotto sauce. The medieval village of Bobbio, in Emilia-Romagna, is famous for its Benedictine abbey and its historic library. Known since the Middle Ages for the fame of its Abbey , founded by the Irish monk San Colombano, it was one of the main spiritual centers of Italy. Around the monastery, this village still retains its medieval imprint intact, offering you narrow streets, stone houses and stately buildings and naturalistic landscapes that make it a renowned holiday resort. The Abbey, famous for its resistance to Arianism and its large collection of books, was dissolved under French administration in 1803, but if you are interested in history, architecture and religion, it still remains a point of interest today. unmissable cultural reference.

A picturesque Piedmonts village located on the banks of a lake, Orta San Giulio, the last fragment of time travel that we offer you,,Itineraries.html, is characterized by narrow alleys, stone houses and a breathtaking view of the lake. Walking in one of the most beautiful and characteristic villages in Italy, you will discover that it is divided into two parts: Orta, on the western shore of the lake, and the Island of San Giulio, in the lake in front of the village. If you have decided to explore this country you will also want to know where to eat well, therefore, we suggest the Villa Crespi Restaurant, where you will discover that eating means immersing yourself in a sensorial experience, relying on expert staff professional room capable of satisfying you. Of course, the cheapest menu costs 190 euros per person, yet you will discover that they will be well spent. The archaeological finds made on the island document the history of a place inhabited as early as the Neolithic. Around the end of the 17th century, however, during some excavations, a tomb was found with the bones of a headless corpse. At the end of your trip to Italian villages, purchasing something special could prolong the memory of this experience. You will have to decide whether to put them in the ideal backpack for road trips, or in the rigid suitcase that can offer greater protection during transport. If you are looking for a travel bag, 40 km from Orta San Giulio, in Novara you could visit Sorelle Pernechele, a shop with quality bags, ideal for giving a unique touch to your style of traveler.

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