SO TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE – Lloyd Thayer / The songwriter that brings a warmth and a special intimacy to the places where he plays

His musicality is superb, a sight to behold

He is well known for his free improvisations, those that incorporate many musical styles, often all in the same song! In Boston, he is definitely a unique musical voice. This songwriter brings a warmth and a special intimacy to the places where he plays, with fun and educational performances. If you want to find he and listen to his music, it is necessary that you walk in the streets or in the subways of the city, those where he does his job, entertaining every day hypersensing. LLOYD THAYER–2 prefers rabid music, even when he plays in clubs and concert halls, with his old steel guitar from 1929. His songs are stimulating and fun, music that will make you smile, and think.

SO TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE – I’m walking the streets all night, chasing after frozen breath. I gotta keep on moving, so I don’t freeze to death, standing on the platform. In the crowd I’m all alone, and when I reach the right address, it sure don’t feel like home. The icy streets are empty, no one hears the sounds I cry. I’m praying for you all night long, but you just pass me by, surrounded like a bird in a barbed wire nest, afraid of my aloneness and everybody else. Free me from this prison, inside this head of mine. Help me see your face somewhere in all that’s rushing by. I’m looking for salvation in every eye I see. Help me unlock the door and see. I’m sitting on the keys. I’m a soul survivor, looking to begin again. Looking for redemption and release from all my sins. I know that you can do it, only you can set me free. I know you have the power, and your love it is the key.

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