THE LAWS – Novel, by Connie Palmen

Her full name is Aldegonda Petronella Huberta Maria Palmen, but this Dutch writer is known as Connie Palmen. She was born at St. Odiliënberg (a small village in central Limburg, east of the Maas River) in 1995. After studying Dutch literature and philosophy, in 1991 she published her first novel, gaining extraordinary success. As if walking like an acrobat on the thread stretched between appearing and being, suspended on an existential precipice, the author created an evocative and burning modern parable. In all the stories, denial of evil is in ourselves, as a source of misery, intuition, and salvation. Evil can be used for the better, through understanding and ritual.

In her provocative debut, her speech is more driven by ideas than by plot. Over a period of seven years, Marie Denit deliberately seeks out seven male companions, most of whom are considerably older than her. Novel formation and at the same time metaphor of absolute incompetence of knowledge, The Laws are the story of the life of a young woman, who decides that it is not enough to live. You feel the need to try to understand the universe we live in. “I am not well. Maybe once I was a person. I do not remember anymore. Is a person born already? When you are there in the cradle, before you fill your head with all their stupid things, are you already an autonomous one? “ By encountering an astrologer, she will try to answer the fundamental questions, how to understand the world or the role that in it we cover.

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