NO EXISTENTIAL FAITH – The silent horizon of Anneke Brassinga

Already in 1974 she published (with a pseudonym) prose and poetry in a literary magazine, but her first collection of poems was born in 1987. Anneke Brassinga, a poet, writer and essayist was born in Schaarsbergen in 1948. The postmodernist core of Anneke Brassingas work is spirited and melancholy, full of surrealist nuances.  In 2008 she received the Constantijn Huygens Award for her poetic work, where a universe language is constantly searching for balance between the spiritual world and the real world, made of grass and flesh, bones and love.

ROADA room full of abandoned shoes. But out of all her shoes she is on, in many forms: one disappered. Now if then comes running up, proud, smiling, through the dark of the lion’s Gate, pains behind the Sun. She is a shadow resting under flowers, under grass and I hink died like a monkey in her shoes, in her old coat in the cold wind that dream of life after hunt continues. I will at unknown places, there your traces prints, the heels in the sand.

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