ALAN MACDONALD (1962), SCOTTISH PAINTER – Pictorial clues, distant coast of you


ALAN MACDONALD 1/3 – His work is always recognisable for its mix of old-master technique and modernity. He was born in Malawi (Central Africa), attended College of Art in Dundee, Scotland. He lives and works in a small town, not too far from medieval Edinburgh, Scotland. His beautiful paintings have a potent sense of calm. He playfully seduces the viewer with familiarity of style, then overturning expectation of traditional narrative. His fascinating show of contrasting styles, mixing pop elements in the same frame as traditions of historical painting and portraiture gives special elegance to his paintings.

ALAN MACDONALD 2/3 – His crafted images are full of Scottish characteristics, like humor and love of nature, history and beauty. His northern landscapes lay claim venerable artistic heritage. His dreaming figures might be time travelers. His characters, always have the look of forgotten pilgrims and each of them have its personal state of mind. His strange paintings are invititing you to solve an original puzzle. As he tells us, there is the belief in every painting.

ALAN MACDONALD 3/3 – Statement of the artist: “When I begin a painting, I feel like I am embarking on a journey, one in which I have no idea of the ultimate destination. As a result there is a real sense of adventure and excitement as you set sail into the unknown, armed only with a belief that, one day, you will find a faraway beach on which to land. Unfortunately, too often, the ship founders on the jagged rocks of doubt, leaving your heart to sink into the inky depths, from where you have to resurrect it. On the luckier voyages, though, you arrive somewhere that is strangely familiar, but which you have never seen before. It’s a distant coast of you”.

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