February 23, 2024 8:19 pm

MY TENDER MATADOR – Novel, by by Pedro Lemebel

Was born in a marginal neighborhood of Santiago de Chile, on the banks of the Zanjón de la Aguada (an irrigation canal that empties into the Mapocho River), in the mid-1960s he moved with his family to a set of social housing. He studied at the Industrial High School (metal forging and furniture were the topics taught) that the future writer detested, and where he was the victim of other comrades. Pedro Segundo Mardones Lemebe (1952) 2015, was a writer, historian and plastic artist who tackled the themes of marginality, also using autobiographical references. His irreverent style has become known throughout Latin America, and his books have also been translated into Italian, Italian and English.

This novel is set in Santiago de Chile during the second half of 1986. By browsing these pages you will discover a gay love story, between a poor homosexual adult and a left-wing guerrilla. It is spring 1986 in the city of Santiago, and Pinochet is losing his grip on power. In one of the city’s many poor neighborhoods works a hopeless romantic, who embroiders linens for the wealthy. Centered around the 1986 attempt on the life of Augusto Pinochet, My Tender Matador is one of the most controversial and popular novels to have been published in that country in decades. This is a stirring portrait of Chile at an historical crossroads, and an extraordinary novel of revolution and forbidden love.

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