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CHRIS WAKE (196O), AUSTRALIAN SURREALIST PAINTER – A strange raft of characters and kind of wild energy


CHRIS WAKE 1/3 – She started painting in 1976 and studied fine arts at Adelaide’s central art school. With more than 18 solo exhibitions and 40 group exhibitions some of which have been sell out shows Chris Wake`s reputation continues to grow . Chris Wake is represented by fine art galleries in Australia and overseas and her work is in private and corporate collections.  In 2009 she was commissioned to make a painting representing Australia for the FIFA World Cup 2010. As an artist, she chose to go beyond the decorative visual connection between the artist and the spectator.

CHRIS WAKE 2/3 – For over 30 years she has been painting in an absolutely unique style, exploring in an original way what lies behind the faces, which we show to the world. Her works stimulate the spectator to interact with what she paints. What is behind the faces is a constant theme for this artist, who loves to paint carnival environments with jugglers and wizards, with circus scenes and outdoor scenes, but always with characters, who have masks in hand.

CHRIS WAKE 3/3 – Her paintings are highly sought after by collectors in Australia and internationally. She paints large oil on canvas, where you can almost perceive the energy of a wild man, who almost catches her characters from fluid bodies, similar to those painted by Chagall. You can also find flying dogs, pandas and hyenas, which evoke your personal answers, because this is what she wants to paint.

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