THE WRONG PATIENTS – Novel, by Sonia Hernandez

As she says, her books come from her intimate need. She is a literary critic of the supplement of Cultura La Vanguardia, but she is also a Spanish writer and some of her tales and poems have been translated into English, Swedish and Armenian. Sonia Hernandez was born in Terrassa in 1976 and published her first poetry book when she was thirty years old, in 2006. As a narrator, she published her first book of stories in a special way, transforming it into a fence conceived to investigate strange issues such as the burden of identity, the past, and the fear that causes the future. Yes, it was a brilliant literary debut, a jewel full of sensitivity and extraordinary beauty.

There have been a lot of patients and diseases in the literature, because this is a theme, which offers memorable samples to look at. “Los enfermos erróneos” present the disease as a personal challenge, such as a prelude to death, as proof of maturity or a long and painful process. All this happens in the eight stories, which make up this book. Even though the author seems to be more confident in realistic stories, she still reveals a narrator in any field. From the first paragraph of the book, you will be fascinated by the descriptions (external and internal) of the characters, belonging to the realm of pure literature. Do not miss the first story, where a terminal patient decides what to do for the last six years, according to the deadline fixed by the doctor.

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