MALINA – Novel, by Ingeborg Bachmann

The protagonists of Austrian literature? Stifter and Schnitzler, Rilke, Musil and Kafka. Among the names of those players is Ingeborg Bachmann, a woman who was part of the Group 47, poets and novelists innovative. The poetry of Bachman is of great musicality and spiritual intensity, but she also wrote a novel, Malina. Expressing the modern woman’s problems and unhappiness. The girl who wrote poetry, she stunned friends in years years anti-heroic, but she was able to transform the thinking in images on the page, using fiery words that set fire to dismay and guilt, verdicts and tragic awareness. Arrived in Rome in the autumn of 1953, without being able to explain the real reason, she remained in that city until her death in 1973. By living in the heart of Rome, she wrote acclimatized works in Vienna, almost within living a double life, inside that city where she had found her intellectual home.

Malina, is the story of an abnormal love triangle, but it is also and murder. Two vertices of the triangle are the same person, each is double the other. The murder takes place under circumstances that no crime ever admit novel. The scene is in Vienna. Composed like a well-readable score, agile in even touch the reality of the feelings, the novel is written in a style that expresses the raw recording of happening. By reading, you will find that this writer was able to narrate a story with extraordinary concreteness, where everything is controllable, as in a chronicle of facts. A book that had started as a love story, is revealed in the end as the demonstration of a death.


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