If it causes you to dream, then maybe it is…art. For Cesare Pavese, on the other hand strike us other words that resonate in an already our area, which we already live. Vibrating it, those words enable us to seize new ideas within us. We can go looking for ideas, that will open our minds, to enrich them. This is easier, if we love the art (any kind of artistic expression), because it starts from this attitude, how we create our “landscapes of the mind”. Reading, the song of a book can give us something to reflect it, something where you can see a mental landscape.

Sometimes, the feeling comes from a musical composition, other daun painting. The secret of a spider’s web, which combines architecture with the colors of a sunset, or the dreamlike representations of a Fellini film is always able to open landscapes of unlimited mind, coming to our soul. We perceive something we have inside, but with a different feeling. Our mind, according to studies with neuroscience methods or psychological sciences is at the origin of all the objective and subjective constructions, which take the form as narrative landscapes.

There are works (both natural and human), which leave us in a pleasant mental daze. All creative forms, including music draw the energy from uncharted geometries, paths push us to new perceptual relationships. They are under the skin. These moods are our mysterious interior. The perception of one door, opens a new perception of the image, reconstructing it in our mind, into a new experience. Then, we can look at the memory like a landscape.

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