THE REAL COLDNESS IS AT THE BOTTOM OF MY OFFENSIVE HEART – Andrea Pazienza, the Apulian who lived between Bologna and New York

andrea_pazienza_1ANDREA PAZIENZA 1/4 – He was born in San Benedetto Del Tronto, in May 1956. The first words he uttered after “mom and dad”, were “pencil and paper”. He really looked all over, but especially loved observing drawing. When the grandmother drew a giraffe, he carefully examined that animal, picked up a pencil and added small horns, forgotten by his grandmother. At twelve, he had drawn his funeral: a child with closed eyes, the faces around him filled with pain (but there were also those who laughed, because there is always someone happy). Before devoting himself to comics, he was a painter.

andrea_pazienza_6ANDREA PAZIENZA 2/4 – Before creating comics, he painted pictures, but his paintings were bought from pharmacists who put them in their bedroom. Imagination that his paintings continued to pulsate in that environment, he seemed a contradiction. This fueled his desire to make cartoons. In his artistic activity as a painter, he created 150 paintings (especially markers on paper). His early works were very elaborate. In his multifaceted expressive universe, the design was the basic aspect, a gift of nature that can generate paintings and comic books, album covers and theatrical posters, advertising and clothing. With his teenage apprenticeship at the institute of Misticoni art of Pescara (where he met figures who helped him to mature artistically, helping him in the days of melancholy), he had mastered the means and technical and expressive expedients, experiencing graphics solutions and experienced narrative needs.andrea_pazienza_2

ANDREA PAZIENZA 3/3 – He was six years old when he wrote to his parents very special Christmas letter: “I want that you you are well, so you can remember me when I become famous.” The boy who would become known, was obsessed by the figure of Caravaggio. He was an attentive student, but only for the topics that really interested him. His fame came in the late ’70s, with the inscription at the DAMS of Bologna. Since 1976 he published in some magazines, but drew little and reluctantly.



ANDREA PAZIENZA 4/4 – His father was like him, listless, but he was also the most remarkable watercolorist, he knew. About himself he was saying to be the best living designer. He also began to teach in Santa Christina of Gubbio, participating at Free University of Alcatraz. In Bologna, he helped to grow “Uncle Feininger,” cartoon school. He was co-owner of magazine “Frigidaire”. He loved animals, but was not able to look after them. He said that he will die on January 6, 1984. He died in Montepulciano, in June 1988.logo-meeting-benches

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