TRANSLATED PERCEPTIONS, INTO PAINTINGS – Ippolito Caffi: patriot and observer of society, Venetian by choice, painter and reporter

2POST.3IPPOLITO CAFFI 1/3 – Him, the man who will study at the Academy of Venice, where will know the painters of the eighteenth-century Venice, he was born in Belluno in an autumn day. He moved to Rome, he improves his painting technique, deepening the kind of landscape views. In this city he lives the uplifting experience of a balloon trip, an event that left a deep mark in his creative perception.14POST.2


IPPOLITO CAFFI 2/3 – His production has been partly lost, but having him painted so, that’s great still remains the scenic horizon that he continues to give us, observing what is enclosed within its unusual themes. All he has drawn and painted has helped to modernize the perception and the style of painting instructions related to the landscape views, exploring with new eyes even night scenes. 18POST.1                                               IPPOLITO CAFFI 3/3 – Fascinated by the landscapes of the East, he visited Athens and Turkey, Palestine and Egypt, returning to Italy with a large series of own designs. The first work of his that created a sensation was Carnival at Venice, exhibited at Paris in 1846, admired for its brilliant effects of light. He takes part in the wars of Italian unification and at the Third Italian War of Independence (during the naval battle of Lissa of 1866), he dies. You can see more on Meeting Benches, loking for: and



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