THE ROOTS OF ORTHODOX TRADITION – Travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg

theroots1.1Go in search of the roots of Orthodox tradition? Simple, Russia. In Red Square, you can stay entranced seeing the incredible St. Basil’s Cathedral (colored domes and light that seem to speak to the sky). However, you will need to move to St. Petersburg, to find the Church of the Saviour and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Between Moscow and St. Petersburg you have an exciting opportunity, but you must go through the small streets with a rich past, to discover that they are truly many Orthodox churches around you. There are also many feasts, which Russians like to celebrate, but the main is the spring feast Easter (in Russia Easter is usually celebrated later than in the West, and this happens because Easter dates are determined by different calendars). theroots2.1 It is a light and kind feast brings belief, hope and love. The Orthodox Church follows a doctrine of hypostases: the Trinity is composed of three distinct divine persons, without overlap. In addition to its rich liturgy, the Russian Orthodox Church has an equally full artistic tradition: use of rich gold and darker-hued colors, typical iconic art will feature biblical scenes or the depiction of past saint. When you enters into your special Orthodox basilica (or simple little church), remember that Orthodox churches often avoid electric lighting and use candles, creating an otherworldly feel.


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